Stress is the biggest obstacle that holds the inner energy down to keep people in the grip of negativism. Stress is just a symptom that signifies, there is something, a dream or a passion or potential, that is buried within. That is in alignment with the core nature of a person. As the surface reality is just opposite to it, so a person is getting stressed. So, stress-freedom requires a deep delving approach into inner self to identify the buried dreams or passion area. Stress-free lifestyle hub facilitates people in this journey.

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Establishing Inner Power
Centric Education System


Stress-free Lifestyle Hub is created by Rakhi Roy Halder, Associate Professor, Author and amateur visual artist. The seed of this hub first got planted in her books MYTHBREAKER, MYSTIC LOVE & SECRETS OF CREATION. The need to put the vision gained from life into practice, to facilitate the world, Stress-free Lifestyle Hub is formed.


The quantum science and eastern philosophical concepts and tools used by Rakhi Roy Halder in the courses are identified by her while undergoing extreme stressful situations of life. She has always realized the presence of some energy that has never let her to give up or quit. Later on, after indulging into the research work, she found a scientific base for all she has realized. This became the breeding ground for all her books and the courses of stress-free lifestyle hub.


An individual is the smallest unit of the society. All problems in the world have its base in the inner core of the individuals. The submissive to highly dominating, exploited people to criminals are having weak inner self. They get victimized by negative energy factors due to their unawareness about the quantum energy dynamics of the world that surrounds them.

The lack of knowledge about the energy of human thoughts and desires and its correlation with quantum energy world never let people to realize the energy they hold within themselves.

As a machine goes out of order if not in use for long time, in the same way the energy within us also gets suppressed and buried if it is not charged skillfully with proper scientific and philosophical knowledge and tools. Energizing this energy is the way to the freedom of the inner being. This energy can show amazing results wherever it will be invested.


Inner power centric education can build a generation of powerful individuals who can add uniqueness and quality in any work they do. Increase in the number of such individuals can create a vibrant effect in different spheres of society.

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The vision is to energize the inner self to create a generation of productive & stress-free life stylers.


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