Each one of us has dreams and desires. We meet many such people in our life who talk about the dreams they had to forget to keep pace with daily life. On the other hand, we also come across people who have changed their dreams into reality.

The factors that determine the path of our life lies within us. Willpower is the most decisive factor that works like magic in us. Though it doesn’t acquire the status of energy form in the book of science, its power is witnessed variably in different spheres of life. In this article, I am making an effort to find a scientific base for Willpower.

Science is generally looked upon as a systematically organized body of knowledge. Willpower also follows a pattern to turn dreams and desires into reality. Finding the strings that can relate Willpower with a scientific phenomenon can help us to realize that the saying,
where there is a will, there is a way has a scientific base, and efforts can make it genuinely happen.

How can we relate Quantum Coherence with Will Power?

It is a magical finding that the quantum particles stay in more than one place at a time. It can move in more than one path at a time. This property is called ‘Quantum Coherence.’ Quantum particles are non-local.

That means quantum particles or waves don’t belong to one place only. Quantum potential lies in this non-locality. It makes the quantum particles or waves participatory. Their participatory nature helps the Universe work for the observer in his absence in a particular place, at a certain point in time.

The human body has a quantum field. Kirlian photography speaks of change in the ray’s color of the quantum field of humans as per the state of mind.  In light of this reality, we can say that  there are possibilities of thoughts and desires containing electromagnetic energy.


This energy may delve deep at the quantum level to generate particles from the strings present in hidden dimensions and create new realities in life by following string theory. In such a case, we can get a base to believe that a person’s consciousness may participate in an event taking place far away from where he is.


Willpower makes thoughts and desires more energetic. It may enable the thoughts and wishes to travel far and pave a way to transform the dream into reality.

How does the Double-slit experiment give hope that our thoughts can find ways to travel with the desired purpose?

A Double-slit experiment was done with the quantum (smallest unit)  of light energy known as ‘Photon.’ In this experiment, a screen with two thin slits was placed. The photons of light or subatomic particles like electrons were fired towards the screen one after another.


A photographic plate placed at a distance from the screen captured the images of this happening to understand the hitting pattern of the photons. The photographs captured by the photographic plate show that the photon entered in the first slit-like particle, and there was an image of a wave from the first slit to the second one.


It proves that the photon entered in the form of a wave through another slit. In the case of a single slit, the photon tends to flow as a particle only.


Light has electromagnetic energy. The Double-slit experiment proved that the quantum of light (photon) determines its form and flowing nature as per the possibilities. It exhibits a sort of intelligence while flowing to avail all the options.


Like photons, the thoughts and desires powered by Willpower may have electromagnetic energy that contributes to forming the electromagnetic field found surrounding the human body.


The particles generated by this energy can travel far and pave their way to turn dreams into reality, just like the photons in the double-slit experiment flowed indo different patterns acquiring two various forms to avail all the possibilities.


Suppose science could give any device to experience it through scientific means. In that case, many people battling with depression get a solid base to believe and work on themselves to create better realities in life that can increase the world’s happiness index.


We are aware of the ill effects of air, water, soil, and noise pollution. One more pollution adversely affects our life by straightway affecting our mind. Our lack of consciousness lets the factors of this pollution easily flow within us.


They may distract us from our daily track of life or may create uneasiness and discomfort by their mere existence. In this article, I am trying to focus on this particular type of pollution that affects us through our vision. We may call it visual pollution.


Concept of Visual Pollution


The banners and hoarding found hanging in the streets; roads catch our attention. The purpose of placing them in a particular place is served when it grabs the passer-by’s attention.


Many of them provide us the information we need, and many of them, irrespective of the necessity, create a desire to attain the thing or the good showcased on it. Usually, the desires created regardless of the needs push other essential requirements to the back seat and make the mind run after something that may be beyond our affordability.


It pollutes our thoughts and may create tension in families. This pollution is invited through our eyes or vision. So we may term it as visual pollution.


Many banners and hoardings containing pictures that provoke negative emotions or such thoughts unsuitable for all age groups lay an adverse effect when they enter into the minds inappropriate for such thoughts. Even the dirty and unclean surroundings also create visual pollution.


The science behind perceiving thoughts through written words and pictures


The written words and pictures create an image in the human mind. This story starts from photons. Visualizing the term ‘death’ written somewhere doesn’t evoke the same feeling as the word’ festival.’ Every word has a soul. The souls of the words ‘Death’ and ‘Festival’ are different.


So they create different feelings. The soul of the words or images enters our mind through written words and pictures. The following lines of Elizabeth Dougherty may help to understand the scientific phenomenon behind it.


“The photons associated with the patterns of the letters hit your retina, and their energy triggers an electrical signal in the light-detecting cells there. That electrical signal propagates like a wave along the long threads called axons that are part of the connections between neurons.


When the signal reaches the end of an axon, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters into the synapse, a chemical junction between the axon tip and target neurons. A target neuron responds with its electrical signal, which, in turn, spreads to other neurons.


Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons in several dozen interconnected areas of your brain and you have perceived these words.


The written words that we come across may be related to literature or any other field, but we, the ordinary people, are not aware of photons’ power in our daily lives. The photon concept is a part of physics, and the idea of neurons is related to neurosciences.


These concepts are confined to the compartments of different disciplines. If we do not combine these two disciplines, we will remain unaware of the holistic knowledge of ‘How we perceive thoughts or ideas from images and written words?’


Photons (a quantum or smallest unit of electromagnetic radiation, usually considered an elementary particle) play a vital role in our thinking and understanding process. They are not visible to physical eyes usually.


But their existence has the power to transform the culture. This form of energy is different from the nature and definition of energy taught in educational institutions. We interact with this energy daily without being aware of its effects.


The knowledge about photons’ power can help us understand the nature of photons created by specific types of pictures, environments, and music.


We could gain consciousness about, How the lack of awareness about photons brings adverse effects on culture? How to tackle the crises created by undesirable photons? And how to deal with the undesirable photons that get spread through visual pollution? Such Social and cultural awareness based on scientific understanding can enhance the quality of life.


Advertising through banners and hoardings lets people know about a new product or service available in society. But as they may create chaos in a person’s mind, determining specific policies regarding their print matter and the places for showcasing the products and services through them can save many minds from being the victim of visual pollution.




Concentration, in general, is the ability to focus our attention on one matter. The dynamic nature of Electronic media grabs our attention fast. Apart from that, the curiosity and the desire generated from the ads hanging on streets or flashed on social media catches our attention quickly.


The cacophony of thoughts, unfulfilled desires, memories, and many things occupies our mind almost all the time. It becomes difficult to concentrate our thoughts on one point in such a situation, and we often suffer from insomnia, lack of peace of mind, restlessness, and headaches.


The ability to concentrate on something is reaching a meditative state. This article focuses on the phenomenon that takes place within us during concentration. Energy generated by concentration gives power to our thoughts, imagination, and desires to change our lives. 


How can laser rays be related to the power of concentration?


Laser rays can go farther than any other light rays. The photons (The smallest unit of light. They are waves or particles that create light) in laser rays associated with other photons through super radiance to create powerful light. Laser medium makes more than one point for the association. Associated light starts dispersing from those points associating with the other points.


Concentration power can create a consciousness that can result in creating associated thoughts like laser rays. Different focal points merge into one point in concentration in such a case, leading to the converging of thoughts at one point.


This pattern of thoughts is different from the pattern of thoughts we generally have. Generally, our thoughts rapidly emerge and dissolve. It follows a dispersing pattern, and the energy of the thoughts disintegrates. The thoughts generated by associated consciousness are powerful and more penetrating.


Associating consciousness is a skill. We often think about too many things simultaneously, making our thought energy get scattered and diluted. Without mastering the association skill, various focal points cannot merge to create associated consciousness. Associated thoughts can penetrate deep into the quantum level to create vibrations in the strings present in hidden dimensions in the fabric of space-time to create desired realities in life.


How does concentration work like a magnifying glass?


The concentration of thoughts creates a base to focus on the desired reality. The process is similar to the experiment done with the magnifying glass to burn the paper with sunbeams. The only difference is, here magnification is not a separate object. But disintegrated thoughts get concentrated and create a base similar to a magnifying glass that focuses on desired reality, making way for the thoughts to penetrate deep.


Thought is the energy of the mind. Concentration is a skill to maximize the use of this energy to create desired realities in life. Most people are visual learners. Research indicates that visual aids help us to retrieve and remember information better.


Working pattern of laser rays and experiment with sunbeams and the magnifying glass gives an image to understand the phenomenon that takes place within us through concentration. This phenomenon opens the door to believe that we are the creator of our destiny. Creating something with inner energy from nothingness is magic.



Each one of us strives for a happy and prosperous life. But how many of us think about forming a healthy philosophy of life? Our understanding of life plays a vital role in determining our life situations

A healthy philosophy of life attracts positive things in life by the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that anything we attract into our lives or whatever we focus on comes back to us. So the investment of energy and attention requires a careful vision as whatever we face in our life is the consequences we have chosen through our thoughts. 


This article makes an effort to find a scientific base through quantum science to support the law of attraction. Such a scientific base can focus on being conscious about the thoughts we yield in daily life because thoughts have the power to transform into reality by voyaging through our minds.


What are the core values of the law of attraction?


Similar things attract each other:
Our thought patterns can attract people having similar thoughts to us. It can attract negative experiences by negative thoughts or desirable experiences by positive thoughts.

Nature fills the vacuum:
Law of attraction suggests that we can’t have an empty space in our mind and life. Nature always fills the space automatically with something. Conscious efforts to fill this space with positivity can bring rewards for us.

Accept the present:
Being judgmental and finding flaws in the present are a waste of time. The present is perfect as nature creates it by the strings of our thoughts. Our present is the reflection of our thoughts. This law suggests that we must invest our energy in finding ways to make our present better in unfavorable situations rather than feeling unhappy.


How can string theory support the law of attraction?


We know about four dimensions. String theory says that apart from these dimensions, there are six to seven hidden dimensions. Space-time is like a piece of fabric, and there are vibrant strings tied up and entered into six to seven hidden dimensions in the contexture of space-time. These superstrings can produce particles.


The nature of the particles exhibited by these superstrings plays a significant role in creating the nature of reality. The speed of the superstrings determines the quality of the particles.


These strings are everywhere in the Universe. We are part of the Universe. So, these strings are there at our most profound level too. We can reach this level through our consciousness. Thoughts may reach this level and create new realities in our life by attracting similar things, energies, or persons by producing particles through vibrant strings.


So, to make the Universe’s law of attraction work for us, we must understand that the Universe is not something outside us. As we are part of it, the Universe’s fabric of space-time lies deep within us. Through positive thoughts, we can make the law of attraction work to bring desirable realities into our lives.


How can magnifying glass help us understand the effect of the law of attraction on us?


In our school days, most of us have experimented with concentrating sun rays at a point on a piece of paper with the help of magnifying glass. We saw the paper burning from the point of concentration of the beams.


Our thoughts can serve as magnifying glass projecting the desired realities on the one hand and attracting the universal energy that is like sun rays to penetrate deep into the fabric of time-space on the other hand. 


Attracting the universal energy through our thoughts can lead to the production of particles by creating vibration in superstrings. As a result, we can witness a new reality in our life at a certain point in time, like the burning of paper by the concentration of sunbeams on it.


Swami Vivekananda said, “We are what our thoughts have made us, so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”


Finding a scientific base to generate awareness about being conscious about every thought that comes to our minds and finding scientific means of gaining control over our thoughts can be a practical step towards restoring peace in society.


This step can make the Universe’s law of attraction work in favor of humankind.




Everyone in this world strives for peace of mind. Its loss results in depression, tension, and many mental crises. Inner conflict within an individual and outer disputes between individuals eats away the joy and peace of life.

Peace of mind is so vital that we strive to search for ways to attain it. People adopt various practices to get peace of mind. Some join meditation centers, and some try to find out the reasons for the crisis through astrology.

Some people run after various fun giving or entertaining activities to feel peace by beating worries and tension. Trying to attain peace of mind through external sources is like providing opium to the brain. 


It works as a painkiller, resulting in temporary relief. It can’t remove the crisis from the root. Finding reasons for problems in astrology is looking for the remedy outside by ignoring the ‘Self.’ Moreover, we start taking help of various means to attain peace when we have already lost it.


We look for it without knowing the secrets that,  Where from peace comes? What snatches peace from us? How does the presence of peace make the body feel? Is watching a movie to forget worries for the time being really gives peace to us? How does the impact of the moment on the mind while watching movies differ from the peace of mind?


Losing peace of mind is drastically affecting relationships. Lack of peace of mind in an individual leads to the loss of peace in the persons connected to him.


It is like a chain reaction that can quickly create tension in the atmosphere. Introverts, timid or shy persons, enter into depression by losing peace of mind, whereas extroverts may get aggressive. Problems in workplaces, families or social organizations drastically bear the consequences of this crisis.


In this article, I  am trying to envision where peace lives in us? How does its presence feel by the body? By which process, do we lose peace of mind?


Vision about peace


Peace dwells within us. It marks its presence by making us feel lite. A soft feeling of silence mixed with happiness seems to flow all over the body.


This state of the body is just opposite to the state of tension. Screaming with joy by hearing good news is not the state of peace of mind. Such expression reveals that joy and sorrow can take over the person’s mind to break the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. This harmony only has the power to give a lite feeling to the body.


Peace of mind has no connections with excellent or bad news. A person can retain peace of mind in an adverse situation too. It is a skill to bring heart and mind in harmony to feel the presence of soul in the form of a lite feeling of the body. It consumes all the nerves to feel relaxed.


When some people drastically want to feel it, but they cannot get this sense from within, they take narcotics to realize the effect. Egocentrics or those who are unaware of the existence of the inner world fail to identify the work they need to do at the internal level to attain peace of mind. So they suffer the most.


Process of losing peace of mind



We are not born with tension and worries. In the course of life, they enter into us. Children are usually free from it. So, we say, ‘Keep the child in you alive. ‘


The five sense organs are like doors and windows of our body. They allow the thoughts and talks from the external world to enter our minds. If the mind doesn’t have the training to choose the positive ones and discard the negatives, it gets dumped with all kinds of thoughts.


If the individual does not follow the practice of cleaning the mind through meditation or any creative works, the negatives get deposited in his energy body (the subtle body connected to our mind) and become thicker with the entry of new negative thoughts or factors.


These negative elements give rise to harmful desires on the one hand and the other hand, putting the mind at unrest, pushing it to fulfill the desires created by the influence of the outer world. The filth deposited in the energy body never lets the heart feel free.


The existence of the soul is so subtle that it gets buried somewhere under the filth. In such a state, the body, mind, and spirit can’t feel unity. As a result, a person feels down, depressed, tensed, and life seems burdensome. Actually, the pressure on the heart, mind, and finally life reflects the filth deposited on the energy body. We experience this state as the loss of peace of mind.


A way out to feel mind’s peace


Those who are experiencing the loss of mind’s peace can delve deep into themselves to identify the thoughts or desires that are creating pressure on heart and mind. X-ray them or take a conscious drive to understand their roots, keeping in mind that it will surely bring pain if the fulfillment of the desires depends on someone else or the situation.


Because we can modify our thoughts but expecting a desired situation or getting a person behaving as per our expectations is something out of our control. Many other factors influence the situation and any person’s behavior. If we throw faulty desires and thoughts out of our mind, heart and mind can be relieved. 


Then healthy practices like meditation or any favorite creative work can work as a cutter on the filth deposited on the energy body. The more we delve deep into the inner world, the more the subtle breath that is electricity lying subtly in our regular breath will clear the energy body, and we can feel lite.




Peace of mind dwells in our inner world. We can attain it by working on our energy body through gaining control over our breath by meditation or creative works.  This practice leads to the purification of the body, mind, and spirit. In this process, we become conscious of the external factors that affect our mind by entering through our sense organs.




Everything that we experience through our senses is a reality for us. Our concern to make our life successful and prosperous is actually our desire to have good experiences or realities in life.


We are curious to know about the future as we desire to know the realities we will have in the coming time. But we are unaware of the fact that we create our realities. Most of us have heard this many times that thinking positively is inviting positive things in life, and we have also heard that our thoughts and actions determine our future.


All these feelings have their base in the quantum world. In this article, I will discuss from a scientific perspective how do we create new realities in life through our thoughts and desires?


An interesting fact about the electromagnetic field of the human body


All objects in the universe have an electromagnetic field represented by light rays surrounding the object. These rays are created by the quantum particles of light known as photons.


Quantum is the smallest unit of an energy form. The speed of the quantum particle is greater than sunlight. So it is invisible to normal eyes. We require specific devices to see this light.


The observations of human beings’ electromagnetic or quantum energy fields revealed interesting facts. The Kirlian photograph of the same person at different points of time with varying states of mind shows the rays of different colors. We know that the state of mind changes with the change in thoughts, desires, and feelings.


The heart and brain work like machines, and the energy flowing within them makes the heart feel and stimulate the brain to generate thoughts. As ECG and EEG record the heart’s and brain’s electrical activities, we can say that electrical waves flow in the brain and heart.


We say that thoughts and desires flow in the heart and brain. Do thoughts and desires carry electricity? As science has not gifted us with any means to answer this question, we have to go by logic.


If the state of mind changes with the change of thoughts and desires, and the colors of electromagnetic rays change with the change in mind, then thoughts and desires carry the electromagnetic energy.


Magic of Quantum energy field and its possibilities to create new realities


In his ‘Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics, Michael Faraday wrote that the smallest atom of the earth could send its vibrations to the smallest atom of the sun.


The vibrations travel in the form of quantum energy waves. That means the quantum energy emitted through our thoughts and desires may travel far to bring desired circumstances. That is why it is said to think positively. The saying of Swami Vivekananda, ‘Thoughts live; they travel far,’ also supports this concept.


The concept of ‘Quantum Coherence‘ presents the base to understand that quantum particles are non-local. They can work in favor of a person who is not present at the place where the incident is taking place.


The quantum field yields particles that may accumulate to take the form of reality through the creation of atoms.


It is witnessed that when we have a strong desire and thought to make something possible, we find ways to do it. In such a case, the quantum energy emitted by our heart and brain through our thoughts and desires makes our efforts more effective and enables them to take the shape of reality.


As our thoughts, desires, and feelings can flow as Quantum particles or waves, we have the power to create new realities in life. So thinking positive is the key to our success.



We feel the necessity of being conscious of necessary things or happenings to save ourselves from being trapped in unfavorable circumstances.

Consciousness is so basic and elemental that it emerges in us from infancy. It is consciousness that enables a newborn baby to recognize its mother’s touch. Without consciousness, we can’t perceive anything. Consciousness is more than perception, thoughts, feelings, and awareness. It embraces us since birth and grows in us with time.


Consistent efforts to develop it can unfurl the real meaning of our existence, accompanied by the sense of the world surrounding us. It is the fundamental factor that brings maturity to an individual in all aspects. It is such a basic or elemental concept that the vocabulary falls short of providing its appropriate definition despite many efforts.


So, the perfect definition of consciousness is still unavailable. Consciousness can grow to any extent and make an individual superior to others. So, in this competitive world, we usually talk about levels of consciousness instead of making efforts to define it.


In this article, neither will I try to define consciousness, nor will I speak on the levels of consciousness. Here, I am making an effort from a scientific perspective to focus on the root of consciousness in the Universe. I intend to highlight the necessity of delving deep into this concept as it holds the seed to facilitate humanity.


Primary field of energy and consciousness:

We have read about various energy and energy fields like gravitational energy, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, etc. These names are given for the convenience of understanding different energy forms. In reality, all forms of energy have emerged from only one energy field. This field is called the primary field. 


It is evident that, at very high temperatures and in an extremely small area, all energy forms create congruity and behave in accordance with each other. At this level, different forms of energy leave their properties and work as an agent of an elemental force.


As if a sort of consciousness starts working in them. It is the level of the primary field. In this field, the gravitational force is not more powerful than other forces. The forces are in harmony at this more profound level.


That is why the various things we see in our surroundings don’t break and fall on each other. The concept of the Planck dimension discovered in 1899 helps to understand the nature of the primary field.


All energy fields emerged from the primary field. Consciousness is now expected to be elementary or fundamental than the primary field. Now it is expected that consciousness might have been there in its contexture from the beginning of the Universe.


Anthropic principles and consciousness:


The anthropic principle states that the Universe’s primary condition was that it would be the home of intellectual, knowledgeable, living beings having cognitive power.


All these features point towards the necessity of having consciousness since the emergence of the Universe. As we gain all kinds of knowledge through consciousness, our understanding of the external world is also the result of our consciousness, so science must join hands with philosophy to find the roots of consciousness in the Universe for betterment of humankind.


How can we relate Genome, DNA to consciousness?


Our bodies are constructed of millions of cells having a complete set of instructions for our making. This set of instructions is known as our genome, and it consists of DNA.


In a mother’s womb, only one cell finally develops into a baby. The cell in which the DNA exists and contains twenty-three pairs of chromosomes.


This cell alone plays a significant role in forming different body parts and contains the individual’s blueprint. The DNA that was in one cell only is finally found in every part of the grown-up individual.


There must be a cosmic genome in the contexture of the Universe that contains consciousness. The Anthropic principle and the Universe’s reality of undergoing a process of growth like our body present the possibility of having a cosmic genome and the presence of consciousness in it.


How has the opinion about consciousness changed in the world?


Consciousness was once considered a by-product of a significant event. Here the observer and the event are considered separate from each other. But the emergence of quantum physics changed the scenario. It stated that an observer’s consciousness could draw results from the quantum system with various possibilities as per the observer’s consciousness. The observer’s consciousness can bring forth a possibility as the reality of life with the help of quantum particles. 


Why is understanding the roots of consciousness necessary?


Quantum physics says consciousness plays a vital role in creating new realities of life. So, the world we see is the result of our consciousness. We all lament the loss of moral values, humanity from the world we see. But it is the reality of the physical world.


Changing the physical world scenario requires efforts on the consciousness level older than the primary energy field. Such actions require the scientific knowledge of the deeper level where consciousness exists.


The discovery of the components of consciousness is still awaited. Knowing its roots and details can help us understand our hidden powers and use them to facilitate society.


These efforts may finally culminate into the foundation of the global set of rules on a scientific base to restore peace and humanity in the world.


All of us take birth with the spirit free from all bindings. As we grow up, our learning through experiences, formal education, social rules, and other factors influence our perspective to see our lives and surroundings.

As a result, our vision gets socially conditioned, and we develop a value system and vision that entangles the spirit in chains. With time, we get tuned to live with the caged spirit and experience the loss of happiness. Our vision gets so much tainted with social conditioning that we fail to identify the reasons for losing joy.


Freedom of spirit can give us the feeling of happiness in the true sense. Gaining freedom of spirit means setting our vision free from all bindings and breaking the boundaries that confine our vision to a limited area. In tough times we all expect our life to get changed. But in reality, we need to change our vision and set our spirit free to bring desired changes in life.


It is a skill to visualize life this way. Many people gain this vision through meditation. But the majority of people rarely can train their mind this way. A scientific concept or a means to understand the spirit of freedom by breaking boundaries can help them realize the phenomenon of feeling the freedom of spirit by breaking the boundaries of vision.


In this article, I have made an effort to relate freedom of spirit to the primary energy field. This energy field is the mother of all energy forms known to us. This energy field is free of all labels we use to identify energy forms. My notion is to relate the energy of our spirit to the primary energy field to visualize ourselves free from any bindings.


What is the Primary Field of Energy?


All forms of energy emerged from only one energy field. This field is called the primary field. The names of various forms of energy and their energy fields we know, i.e., gravitational energy, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force, etc., have emerged from the primary field. Various names are given to the energy forms for the convenience of understanding. 


It is found that, at very high temperatures and in a tiny area, all energy forms create congruity and behave in accordance with each other.


At this level, these forms of energy leave their properties and work as an agent of a fundamental force. It is the level of the primary field. In this field, the gravitational force is not more powerful than other forces. The forces are in harmony at this more profound level. That is why the various things we see in our surroundings don’t break and fall on each other. 

How Can the Concept of the Primary Field of Energy Lead us to the Freedom of Spirit?


The primary field is free from the labels given to different energy forms. It represents such a space that is free from all boundaries. It feeds the mind with the thought that there was freedom from bindings at the early and elementary levels.


At this level, the various energy fields lose their properties and follow elementary rules for making life possible on earth. Our spirit of ‘self’ or the soul is something fundamental that resides within us.


It is free ever since it came into existence. That state of freedom is still there deep within us, just as the primary field that is the mother of all energy fields and still has its existence in the most profound level of the universe. Believing that our spirit is free can take us to the next steps to realize this freedom. 


The concept of the primary field of energy can give a spark to look into the roots to realize the spirit of freedom. When we connect to our sources, we can analyze our present from that level when there were no boundaries.


It also enables us to visualize that how the boundaries got created with time. We may delve deep into the roots of our life or into the root of humankind.


Our consciousness level determines the nature of our vision. But whatever be the circumstances, the journey towards the root enables our vision to break the boundaries.

Can The Human Mind Contain A Black Hole Like The Universe?


The human mind and black hole both are creative sources. Thoughts emerge from the human mind, and galaxies emerge from the black hole. “Scientific evidence suggests that every large galaxy contains a supermassive black hole at its center.” Our galaxy Milky Way has emerged from the black hole Sagittarius located at its center.


Theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski says, “Our Universe may exist inside a black hole. This may sound strange, but it could be the best explanation of how the Universe began and what we observe today.” 


We are part of Creation. An individual’s understanding of the concept of Creation is influenced by his vision. Somebody’s idea about Creation may stay confined to ‘Nature’ or ‘Earth’ only, and somebody may think of the existence of Creation beyond the Universe.


If the Universe is the creation of unknown power, then literature is the creation of the human mind. Both are emerging from nothingness or invisible space like a black hole. We can find a similarity in the process of formation of both from the void. In this article, I am making efforts to highlight the existence of the black hole in the Universe and the human mind scientifically. 


How can we relate the concept of the black hole to invisible space?



Ancient Indian yogis believed that energy stays latent in darkness and remains invisible. But it suddenly emerges from the dark and creates the Universe. In Yogi’s words, “Energy remains latent in invisible space (shunyata), and as per its nature, it emerges and creates an oval world.”  The scientists presented the opinion of the emergence of the Universe from the black hole.



They stated black hole as “A region in space where the pulling force of gravity is so strong that light is not able to escape.” They also said that “Black hole cannot be seen because of the strong gravity that is pulling all of the light into the black hole’s center. However, scientists can see the effects of its strong gravity on the stars and gases around it.



If a star is orbiting a certain point in space, scientists can study the star’s motion to find out if it is orbiting a black hole.” We can relate the concept of black holes given by the scientists to ancient Indian Yogi’s idea about the existence of the latent energy in the invisible space that created the


In light of these statements, we can relate the black hole to that latent and hidden space stated by yogis where the spin of energy exists. This spinning energy comes out of the black hole and creates a galaxy at some point in time. The following statement of Nikodem Poplawski can support this point:



“Torsion, therefore, provides a theoretical foundation for a scenario in which the interior of every black hole becomes a new universe.”



A general inference could be drawn by the statements mentioned above that, for creating something new, there must be energy in invisible space.



How to feel the existence of a black hole in the human mind?



Like the Universe, a black hole can exist in the human mind. It can be sensed as the feeling of absence of something in life. The emergence of such feelings in the human mind motivates to create a new reality in life, and the seed of Willpower gets planted in nothingness or invisible space.



Then the thoughts and efforts of an individual orbit the Will, and at a point in time in space, an individual’s actions create a new reality, just like a galaxy that emerges from a black hole.



We are familiar with the term ‘System.’ Thermodynamics, a branch of physics that deals with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy, defines it as a certain quantity of matter or space understudy or analysis.



As the human body exchanges matter and energy with the environment, it can be selected as a system for thermodynamic study. A black hole can get created in the human mind in a body system.



The spinning energy of thoughts and effort can hold energy in the black hole like a strong gravitational pull. It can enhance spontaneous change in ideas and thinking processes.


This energy of black hole can resist the human mind from being influenced by external influences and can motivate to concentrate on the ‘Will’ to find ways to create a new reality. This state of the human mind is similar to the isolated type system. “In the natural sciences an isolated system is a physical system without any external exchange – neither matter nor energy can enter or exit, but can only move around inside.”



How can the seed of Will power in the black hole of the human mind be a boon for us?



Nikodem Poplawski says, “As energy can be converted into mass, the immensely high gravitational energy in this extremely dense state would cause an intense production of particles, greatly increasing the mass inside the black hole.”



Atoms create everything in the Universe. The law responsible for the transformation of energy to particles in the black hole may also be responsible for creating a new reality by creating atoms from the energy of Willpower placed in the black hole of the human mind.



Knowledge of having a black hole within us like the Universe is eventually becoming conscious about our potentials. Education can make new generations aware of their potential. Widening the boundaries of science and setting on the journey from known to unknown and visible to invisible with a liberal scientific approach can bring new light to the world.