We feel the necessity of being conscious of necessary things or happenings to save ourselves from being trapped in unfavorable circumstances.

Consciousness is so basic and elemental that it emerges in us from infancy. It is consciousness that enables a newborn baby to recognize its mother’s touch. Without consciousness, we can’t perceive anything. Consciousness is more than perception, thoughts, feelings, and awareness. It embraces us since birth and grows in us with time.


Consistent efforts to develop it can unfurl the real meaning of our existence, accompanied by the sense of the world surrounding us. It is the fundamental factor that brings maturity to an individual in all aspects. It is such a basic or elemental concept that the vocabulary falls short of providing its appropriate definition despite many efforts.


So, the perfect definition of consciousness is still unavailable. Consciousness can grow to any extent and make an individual superior to others. So, in this competitive world, we usually talk about levels of consciousness instead of making efforts to define it.


In this article, neither will I try to define consciousness, nor will I speak on the levels of consciousness. Here, I am making an effort from a scientific perspective to focus on the root of consciousness in the Universe. I intend to highlight the necessity of delving deep into this concept as it holds the seed to facilitate humanity.


Primary field of energy and consciousness:

We have read about various energy and energy fields like gravitational energy, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, etc. These names are given for the convenience of understanding different energy forms. In reality, all forms of energy have emerged from only one energy field. This field is called the primary field. 


It is evident that, at very high temperatures and in an extremely small area, all energy forms create congruity and behave in accordance with each other. At this level, different forms of energy leave their properties and work as an agent of an elemental force.


As if a sort of consciousness starts working in them. It is the level of the primary field. In this field, the gravitational force is not more powerful than other forces. The forces are in harmony at this more profound level.


That is why the various things we see in our surroundings don’t break and fall on each other. The concept of the Planck dimension discovered in 1899 helps to understand the nature of the primary field.


All energy fields emerged from the primary field. Consciousness is now expected to be elementary or fundamental than the primary field. Now it is expected that consciousness might have been there in its contexture from the beginning of the Universe.


Anthropic principles and consciousness:


The anthropic principle states that the Universe’s primary condition was that it would be the home of intellectual, knowledgeable, living beings having cognitive power.


All these features point towards the necessity of having consciousness since the emergence of the Universe. As we gain all kinds of knowledge through consciousness, our understanding of the external world is also the result of our consciousness, so science must join hands with philosophy to find the roots of consciousness in the Universe for betterment of humankind.


How can we relate Genome, DNA to consciousness?


Our bodies are constructed of millions of cells having a complete set of instructions for our making. This set of instructions is known as our genome, and it consists of DNA.


In a mother’s womb, only one cell finally develops into a baby. The cell in which the DNA exists and contains twenty-three pairs of chromosomes.


This cell alone plays a significant role in forming different body parts and contains the individual’s blueprint. The DNA that was in one cell only is finally found in every part of the grown-up individual.


There must be a cosmic genome in the contexture of the Universe that contains consciousness. The Anthropic principle and the Universe’s reality of undergoing a process of growth like our body present the possibility of having a cosmic genome and the presence of consciousness in it.


How has the opinion about consciousness changed in the world?


Consciousness was once considered a by-product of a significant event. Here the observer and the event are considered separate from each other. But the emergence of quantum physics changed the scenario. It stated that an observer’s consciousness could draw results from the quantum system with various possibilities as per the observer’s consciousness. The observer’s consciousness can bring forth a possibility as the reality of life with the help of quantum particles. 


Why is understanding the roots of consciousness necessary?


Quantum physics says consciousness plays a vital role in creating new realities of life. So, the world we see is the result of our consciousness. We all lament the loss of moral values, humanity from the world we see. But it is the reality of the physical world.


Changing the physical world scenario requires efforts on the consciousness level older than the primary energy field. Such actions require the scientific knowledge of the deeper level where consciousness exists.


The discovery of the components of consciousness is still awaited. Knowing its roots and details can help us understand our hidden powers and use them to facilitate society.


These efforts may finally culminate into the foundation of the global set of rules on a scientific base to restore peace and humanity in the world.


Usually, we think that the universe is something far from us. We need a spaceship or rocket to get there. There is also an opinion of considering that the universe works as a non-living machine. This article intends to present that we are part of the universe and share a strong bond, and it doesn’t work merely like a lifeless machine.

Mother & child relationship:


The energy that created the universe got accumulated in emptiness, and finally, it gave birth to the universe. We took birth in this universe. So this energy is the part of us too. The elemental particles that created the stars and other matters of the universe are also responsible for our creation. The atoms of calcium in our bones, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our genes, the gold in our filling were created in stars billions of years ago. The atoms of hydrogen were formed even earlier, shortly after the Big Bang began. So our relationship with the universe is like mother and child.


The Ocean and the shell relationship:


The quantum theory has changed the perspective of visualizing the universe. The Quantum Field Theory of Particle Physics claims that the whole universe is filled with elemental particles like electrons. Their presence is like the waves of an invisible ocean. This theory gave rise to the concept that one part of the universe’s occurrences can connect with the happenings taking place somewhere else. So, at a deeper quantum level, everything exists together. Here we can visualize our relation with the universe as a shell in an ocean that feels the vibration of the waves emerging in the sea.


The universe as a giver of productivity:


The matters of the universe have a quantum energy field. This energy field is capable of producing quantum particles. These particles are even smaller than atoms. Our thoughts and desires may have electromagnetism to give stability to these quantum particles resulting in the creation of matter. We experience new realities in this materialistic world through our sense organs, so creating a new reality is related to matter creation. Finding out the scientific relation between electromagnetism, the ‘Self’ energy, our thoughts, and desires may give us a clue that the universe has made us productive through her powers.


Universe as connector:


The atoms of the various matters of the universe can connect through invisible lines of forces. Michael Faraday says in his book Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics, “The smallest atom of matter on the earth acts directly on the smallest atom of matter in the sun, though they are 95,000,000 miles apart; further, atoms which, to our knowledge, are at least nineteen times that distance, and indeed in cometary masses, far more, are in a similar way tied together by the lines of force extending from and belonging to each.”


We have heard about telepathy. It may be a process that takes place through the invisible lines of forces that connect the universe’s atoms. Here we can visualize the universe as a connecting force.


Mirror of thoughts and emotions:


Emoto water experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that water could react to our emotions. The water sample exposed to a positive environment showed a beautiful crystalline structure and vice versa in a negative atmosphere when observed under the dark field microscope. Thus water, which is an element of the universe, serves as a mirror of our thoughts and emotions.


Conclusion: Pinning hope on future researches:


Many people have experienced the guiding power of the universe through dreams, number patterns, synchronicities, and many other ways. Science still has to walk a long way to discover the magical relation between human beings and universal energy. Humankind could be blessed with a new vision to realize the relationship with the universe if science could join hands with philosophy and spirituality to find out scientific means for this purpose.