All of us take birth with the spirit free from all bindings. As we grow up, our learning through experiences, formal education, social rules, and other factors influence our perspective to see our lives and surroundings.

As a result, our vision gets socially conditioned, and we develop a value system and vision that entangles the spirit in chains. With time, we get tuned to live with the caged spirit and experience the loss of happiness. Our vision gets so much tainted with social conditioning that we fail to identify the reasons for losing joy.


Freedom of spirit can give us the feeling of happiness in the true sense. Gaining freedom of spirit means setting our vision free from all bindings and breaking the boundaries that confine our vision to a limited area. In tough times we all expect our life to get changed. But in reality, we need to change our vision and set our spirit free to bring desired changes in life.


It is a skill to visualize life this way. Many people gain this vision through meditation. But the majority of people rarely can train their mind this way. A scientific concept or a means to understand the spirit of freedom by breaking boundaries can help them realize the phenomenon of feeling the freedom of spirit by breaking the boundaries of vision.


In this article, I have made an effort to relate freedom of spirit to the primary energy field. This energy field is the mother of all energy forms known to us. This energy field is free of all labels we use to identify energy forms. My notion is to relate the energy of our spirit to the primary energy field to visualize ourselves free from any bindings.


What is the Primary Field of Energy?


All forms of energy emerged from only one energy field. This field is called the primary field. The names of various forms of energy and their energy fields we know, i.e., gravitational energy, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force, etc., have emerged from the primary field. Various names are given to the energy forms for the convenience of understanding. 


It is found that, at very high temperatures and in a tiny area, all energy forms create congruity and behave in accordance with each other.


At this level, these forms of energy leave their properties and work as an agent of a fundamental force. It is the level of the primary field. In this field, the gravitational force is not more powerful than other forces. The forces are in harmony at this more profound level. That is why the various things we see in our surroundings don’t break and fall on each other. 

How Can the Concept of the Primary Field of Energy Lead us to the Freedom of Spirit?


The primary field is free from the labels given to different energy forms. It represents such a space that is free from all boundaries. It feeds the mind with the thought that there was freedom from bindings at the early and elementary levels.


At this level, the various energy fields lose their properties and follow elementary rules for making life possible on earth. Our spirit of ‘self’ or the soul is something fundamental that resides within us.


It is free ever since it came into existence. That state of freedom is still there deep within us, just as the primary field that is the mother of all energy fields and still has its existence in the most profound level of the universe. Believing that our spirit is free can take us to the next steps to realize this freedom. 


The concept of the primary field of energy can give a spark to look into the roots to realize the spirit of freedom. When we connect to our sources, we can analyze our present from that level when there were no boundaries.


It also enables us to visualize that how the boundaries got created with time. We may delve deep into the roots of our life or into the root of humankind.


Our consciousness level determines the nature of our vision. But whatever be the circumstances, the journey towards the root enables our vision to break the boundaries.