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Peace is a vital need of the world. Many of us follow various practices to invite peace in life. Ego clashes, overpowering attitude, aggressiveness, and many negative factors give rise to conflicts on multiple levels resulting in the deterioration of peace.


In such a situation, water can provide a new perspective to see the impact of someone’s behavior in our life.


This perspective can help us realize how much depth is needed in peace restoration work to save humanity. In this article, I will discuss that water is more than what we know about it. It is nature’s mirror that guides us by reflecting the invisible reality and senses our pain and bliss like a true friend.



An exciting and scientifically proven fact about water:



Dr. Emoto Masaro proved through his groundbreaking research and experiments that water is alive and responds to our thoughts and emotions. He collected water samples from different parts of the world, took a few drops of it, and studied it under the dark field microscope after freezing and giving it a crystal form.


He exposed water to prayer rooms, healing music. He filled the same water samples in different bottles and pasted paper strips with ‘Thank you’ written on one and ‘I will kill you’ written on another. The water sample collected from waterfalls showed a beautiful crystalline structure.


The water sample labeled with the word ‘Thank you’ and samples exposed to the prayer room and healing music also showed a beautiful crystalline structure.


Whereas the crystalline structure of the water sample of stagnant water source and the sample labeled with the word ‘I will kill you’ was deformed and distorted.


These experiments prove that the crystalline structure of the water reflects the properties of the environment. 


The human body contains more than 70% of water content. Is it the effect on the water content of our body that praising makes us feel good and blaming makes us sad?


How does the water content of our body affected by someone’s behavior influence our thoughts and emotions? If the thoughts mingled in prayer are changing the internal structure of water, how do the negative thoughts generated in the mind and body of an individual by someone’s behavior affect him? Does the negative approach give birth to the negative behavior like a chain reaction? Is it the process through which negativity and lack of humanity are increasing day by day in the world?


I wish science could give a device to get the answers to these questions. It would be a beautiful gift to humanity. It can help us to understand how negativity distorts an individual.


Knowledge of the impact of negative behavior on the breathing and water content of the body can help us realize the pressure that an individual feels within him undergoing humiliating moments.


These moments may have no potential to be presented before the court of law, but they may sabotage a person and snatch his peace of mind by repeatedly occurring. 


A person is the smallest unit of society. We talk of the loss of peace and humanity in the community. But, time demands finding the remedies to facilitate every individual for laying a solid foundation of peace in society.


A strong foundation of peace requires such techniques and laws that can detect and restrict ill behavior for the sake of humanity and peace. In this journey, the scientific study of water keeping humanity in mind can show us the path.

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