Everything that we experience through our senses is a reality for us. Our concern to make our life successful and prosperous is actually our desire to have good experiences or realities in life.


We are curious to know about the future as we desire to know the realities we will have in the coming time. But we are unaware of the fact that we create our realities. Most of us have heard this many times that thinking positively is inviting positive things in life, and we have also heard that our thoughts and actions determine our future.


All these feelings have their base in the quantum world. In this article, I will discuss from a scientific perspective how do we create new realities in life through our thoughts and desires?


An interesting fact about the electromagnetic field of the human body


All objects in the universe have an electromagnetic field represented by light rays surrounding the object. These rays are created by the quantum particles of light known as photons.


Quantum is the smallest unit of an energy form. The speed of the quantum particle is greater than sunlight. So it is invisible to normal eyes. We require specific devices to see this light.


The observations of human beings’ electromagnetic or quantum energy fields revealed interesting facts. The Kirlian photograph of the same person at different points of time with varying states of mind shows the rays of different colors. We know that the state of mind changes with the change in thoughts, desires, and feelings.


The heart and brain work like machines, and the energy flowing within them makes the heart feel and stimulate the brain to generate thoughts. As ECG and EEG record the heart’s and brain’s electrical activities, we can say that electrical waves flow in the brain and heart.


We say that thoughts and desires flow in the heart and brain. Do thoughts and desires carry electricity? As science has not gifted us with any means to answer this question, we have to go by logic.


If the state of mind changes with the change of thoughts and desires, and the colors of electromagnetic rays change with the change in mind, then thoughts and desires carry the electromagnetic energy.


Magic of Quantum energy field and its possibilities to create new realities


In his ‘Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics, Michael Faraday wrote that the smallest atom of the earth could send its vibrations to the smallest atom of the sun.


The vibrations travel in the form of quantum energy waves. That means the quantum energy emitted through our thoughts and desires may travel far to bring desired circumstances. That is why it is said to think positively. The saying of Swami Vivekananda, ‘Thoughts live; they travel far,’ also supports this concept.


The concept of ‘Quantum Coherence‘ presents the base to understand that quantum particles are non-local. They can work in favor of a person who is not present at the place where the incident is taking place.


The quantum field yields particles that may accumulate to take the form of reality through the creation of atoms.


It is witnessed that when we have a strong desire and thought to make something possible, we find ways to do it. In such a case, the quantum energy emitted by our heart and brain through our thoughts and desires makes our efforts more effective and enables them to take the shape of reality.


As our thoughts, desires, and feelings can flow as Quantum particles or waves, we have the power to create new realities in life. So thinking positive is the key to our success.

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