Everyone in this world strives for peace of mind. Its loss results in depression, tension, and many mental crises. Inner conflict within an individual and outer disputes between individuals eats away the joy and peace of life.

Peace of mind is so vital that we strive to search for ways to attain it. People adopt various practices to get peace of mind. Some join meditation centers, and some try to find out the reasons for the crisis through astrology.

Some people run after various fun giving or entertaining activities to feel peace by beating worries and tension. Trying to attain peace of mind through external sources is like providing opium to the brain. 


It works as a painkiller, resulting in temporary relief. It can’t remove the crisis from the root. Finding reasons for problems in astrology is looking for the remedy outside by ignoring the ‘Self.’ Moreover, we start taking help of various means to attain peace when we have already lost it.


We look for it without knowing the secrets that,  Where from peace comes? What snatches peace from us? How does the presence of peace make the body feel? Is watching a movie to forget worries for the time being really gives peace to us? How does the impact of the moment on the mind while watching movies differ from the peace of mind?


Losing peace of mind is drastically affecting relationships. Lack of peace of mind in an individual leads to the loss of peace in the persons connected to him.


It is like a chain reaction that can quickly create tension in the atmosphere. Introverts, timid or shy persons, enter into depression by losing peace of mind, whereas extroverts may get aggressive. Problems in workplaces, families or social organizations drastically bear the consequences of this crisis.


In this article, I  am trying to envision where peace lives in us? How does its presence feel by the body? By which process, do we lose peace of mind?


Vision about peace


Peace dwells within us. It marks its presence by making us feel lite. A soft feeling of silence mixed with happiness seems to flow all over the body.


This state of the body is just opposite to the state of tension. Screaming with joy by hearing good news is not the state of peace of mind. Such expression reveals that joy and sorrow can take over the person’s mind to break the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. This harmony only has the power to give a lite feeling to the body.


Peace of mind has no connections with excellent or bad news. A person can retain peace of mind in an adverse situation too. It is a skill to bring heart and mind in harmony to feel the presence of soul in the form of a lite feeling of the body. It consumes all the nerves to feel relaxed.


When some people drastically want to feel it, but they cannot get this sense from within, they take narcotics to realize the effect. Egocentrics or those who are unaware of the existence of the inner world fail to identify the work they need to do at the internal level to attain peace of mind. So they suffer the most.


Process of losing peace of mind



We are not born with tension and worries. In the course of life, they enter into us. Children are usually free from it. So, we say, ‘Keep the child in you alive. ‘


The five sense organs are like doors and windows of our body. They allow the thoughts and talks from the external world to enter our minds. If the mind doesn’t have the training to choose the positive ones and discard the negatives, it gets dumped with all kinds of thoughts.


If the individual does not follow the practice of cleaning the mind through meditation or any creative works, the negatives get deposited in his energy body (the subtle body connected to our mind) and become thicker with the entry of new negative thoughts or factors.


These negative elements give rise to harmful desires on the one hand and the other hand, putting the mind at unrest, pushing it to fulfill the desires created by the influence of the outer world. The filth deposited in the energy body never lets the heart feel free.


The existence of the soul is so subtle that it gets buried somewhere under the filth. In such a state, the body, mind, and spirit can’t feel unity. As a result, a person feels down, depressed, tensed, and life seems burdensome. Actually, the pressure on the heart, mind, and finally life reflects the filth deposited on the energy body. We experience this state as the loss of peace of mind.


A way out to feel mind’s peace


Those who are experiencing the loss of mind’s peace can delve deep into themselves to identify the thoughts or desires that are creating pressure on heart and mind. X-ray them or take a conscious drive to understand their roots, keeping in mind that it will surely bring pain if the fulfillment of the desires depends on someone else or the situation.


Because we can modify our thoughts but expecting a desired situation or getting a person behaving as per our expectations is something out of our control. Many other factors influence the situation and any person’s behavior. If we throw faulty desires and thoughts out of our mind, heart and mind can be relieved. 


Then healthy practices like meditation or any favorite creative work can work as a cutter on the filth deposited on the energy body. The more we delve deep into the inner world, the more the subtle breath that is electricity lying subtly in our regular breath will clear the energy body, and we can feel lite.




Peace of mind dwells in our inner world. We can attain it by working on our energy body through gaining control over our breath by meditation or creative works.  This practice leads to the purification of the body, mind, and spirit. In this process, we become conscious of the external factors that affect our mind by entering through our sense organs.


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