Each one of us strives for a happy and prosperous life. But how many of us think about forming a healthy philosophy of life? Our understanding of life plays a vital role in determining our life situations

A healthy philosophy of life attracts positive things in life by the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that anything we attract into our lives or whatever we focus on comes back to us. So the investment of energy and attention requires a careful vision as whatever we face in our life is the consequences we have chosen through our thoughts. 


This article makes an effort to find a scientific base through quantum science to support the law of attraction. Such a scientific base can focus on being conscious about the thoughts we yield in daily life because thoughts have the power to transform into reality by voyaging through our minds.


What are the core values of the law of attraction?


Similar things attract each other:
Our thought patterns can attract people having similar thoughts to us. It can attract negative experiences by negative thoughts or desirable experiences by positive thoughts.

Nature fills the vacuum:
Law of attraction suggests that we can’t have an empty space in our mind and life. Nature always fills the space automatically with something. Conscious efforts to fill this space with positivity can bring rewards for us.

Accept the present:
Being judgmental and finding flaws in the present are a waste of time. The present is perfect as nature creates it by the strings of our thoughts. Our present is the reflection of our thoughts. This law suggests that we must invest our energy in finding ways to make our present better in unfavorable situations rather than feeling unhappy.


How can string theory support the law of attraction?


We know about four dimensions. String theory says that apart from these dimensions, there are six to seven hidden dimensions. Space-time is like a piece of fabric, and there are vibrant strings tied up and entered into six to seven hidden dimensions in the contexture of space-time. These superstrings can produce particles.


The nature of the particles exhibited by these superstrings plays a significant role in creating the nature of reality. The speed of the superstrings determines the quality of the particles.


These strings are everywhere in the Universe. We are part of the Universe. So, these strings are there at our most profound level too. We can reach this level through our consciousness. Thoughts may reach this level and create new realities in our life by attracting similar things, energies, or persons by producing particles through vibrant strings.


So, to make the Universe’s law of attraction work for us, we must understand that the Universe is not something outside us. As we are part of it, the Universe’s fabric of space-time lies deep within us. Through positive thoughts, we can make the law of attraction work to bring desirable realities into our lives.


How can magnifying glass help us understand the effect of the law of attraction on us?


In our school days, most of us have experimented with concentrating sun rays at a point on a piece of paper with the help of magnifying glass. We saw the paper burning from the point of concentration of the beams.


Our thoughts can serve as magnifying glass projecting the desired realities on the one hand and attracting the universal energy that is like sun rays to penetrate deep into the fabric of time-space on the other hand. 


Attracting the universal energy through our thoughts can lead to the production of particles by creating vibration in superstrings. As a result, we can witness a new reality in our life at a certain point in time, like the burning of paper by the concentration of sunbeams on it.


Swami Vivekananda said, “We are what our thoughts have made us, so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”


Finding a scientific base to generate awareness about being conscious about every thought that comes to our minds and finding scientific means of gaining control over our thoughts can be a practical step towards restoring peace in society.


This step can make the Universe’s law of attraction work in favor of humankind.


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