Concentration, in general, is the ability to focus our attention on one matter. The dynamic nature of Electronic media grabs our attention fast. Apart from that, the curiosity and the desire generated from the ads hanging on streets or flashed on social media catches our attention quickly.


The cacophony of thoughts, unfulfilled desires, memories, and many things occupies our mind almost all the time. It becomes difficult to concentrate our thoughts on one point in such a situation, and we often suffer from insomnia, lack of peace of mind, restlessness, and headaches.


The ability to concentrate on something is reaching a meditative state. This article focuses on the phenomenon that takes place within us during concentration. Energy generated by concentration gives power to our thoughts, imagination, and desires to change our lives. 


How can laser rays be related to the power of concentration?


Laser rays can go farther than any other light rays. The photons (The smallest unit of light. They are waves or particles that create light) in laser rays associated with other photons through super radiance to create powerful light. Laser medium makes more than one point for the association. Associated light starts dispersing from those points associating with the other points.


Concentration power can create a consciousness that can result in creating associated thoughts like laser rays. Different focal points merge into one point in concentration in such a case, leading to the converging of thoughts at one point.


This pattern of thoughts is different from the pattern of thoughts we generally have. Generally, our thoughts rapidly emerge and dissolve. It follows a dispersing pattern, and the energy of the thoughts disintegrates. The thoughts generated by associated consciousness are powerful and more penetrating.


Associating consciousness is a skill. We often think about too many things simultaneously, making our thought energy get scattered and diluted. Without mastering the association skill, various focal points cannot merge to create associated consciousness. Associated thoughts can penetrate deep into the quantum level to create vibrations in the strings present in hidden dimensions in the fabric of space-time to create desired realities in life.


How does concentration work like a magnifying glass?


The concentration of thoughts creates a base to focus on the desired reality. The process is similar to the experiment done with the magnifying glass to burn the paper with sunbeams. The only difference is, here magnification is not a separate object. But disintegrated thoughts get concentrated and create a base similar to a magnifying glass that focuses on desired reality, making way for the thoughts to penetrate deep.


Thought is the energy of the mind. Concentration is a skill to maximize the use of this energy to create desired realities in life. Most people are visual learners. Research indicates that visual aids help us to retrieve and remember information better.


Working pattern of laser rays and experiment with sunbeams and the magnifying glass gives an image to understand the phenomenon that takes place within us through concentration. This phenomenon opens the door to believe that we are the creator of our destiny. Creating something with inner energy from nothingness is magic.

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